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Helping hands

A large number of Arab Americans in  Central Florida are first or second generation immigrants to the United States and many of us can relate to how difficult adjusting to a new culture can be, especially during desperate times such a medical emergencies, jobs losses, or unexpected life changes. The women in the AACC Helping Hands provide aid for a variety of situations.

AACC Helping Hand’s is a project of the AACC facilitated by the AACC Women’s Committee. The Helping Hands epitomizes charity work and community service in our community. Several noteworthy fund raisers have been directed by the women of the AACC within our community. Recent charitable works the women have done include the preparation of meals for fifty families staying in the Hubbard House who that have loved ones in the Orlando Health Hospital. Eighty care packages were prepared during Ramadan for the many refugees and low income families in the Central Florida area. Most recently the women raised money or donated funds to purchase 72 backpacks filled with school supplies for students from low income homes who attend Washington Shores Elementary school in Orange County. These are just a few of the charitable acts the women of AACC have done in our community. These women work tirelessly to accomplish goals they set out to reach. Many times the women donate the funds themselves or search for funds single handedly. As we prepare for a large number of fleeing Syrian Refugees to enter into Central Florida it is important to raise awareness to our Charity. Without help from our community members we can’t grow and expand our outreach to the many Arab Americans in the Central Florida area who need assistance.

If you would to make a charitable contribution or volunteer please contact the AACC office at (407) 985-4550


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