AACC Florida


“Having been active in politics my whole life, I am always eager to attend various debates and forums. I was particularly excited to attend AACC’s Candidate Forum because it was the first time I heard of an organization in the Central Florida area that focused on the needs and culture of the Arab American community I was so excited for the first time in my life to be in a room full of people who had the same background that I did and were expressing the same concerns and viewpoints that I had felt for so long. I think AACC’s mission of service to the Florida community exemplifies the values I was raised as a Lebanese American.”


T.N., Lebanon

“Lutheran Services Florida is genuinely honored to work with Arab American Community Center and deeply grateful for your generous support of our services and programs. We acknowledge and appreciate your partnership.

Arab American Community Services not only maintain, but also further expand and enhance our exceptional quality of service. Your recent contribution demonstrates how concerned individual can make difference.

Thank you for your partnership as we continue our efforts to provide the highest quality services to the community”

Jarir Dawi

“The National Network for Arab American Communities congratulates the AACC on 27 years of serving the community! We are proud partners of the AACC because of the priceless impact you make on your community daily. These deeds are perhaps more important now than ever. We wish you continued growth and success in the years to come.”

Ahmad Abuznaid

National Network of Arab American Communities.

I am aware that the Arab American Community Center provides a variety of social services to individuals and families in the Orlando area.  Among the beneficiaries of their services are recently arrived refugees.  The services refugee individuals and families receive from the Center include cultural orientation, food supplies, rental assistance, school supplies for children and adults and translation of documents.  I had an opportunity to visit their center in late 2016 and observe an ESOL class.  There were several refugees learning English mostly from Iraq and Syria.  In my conversation with them, they stated that they prefer to attend ESOL classes at AACC because they get individual attention, instructors speak the same language and the staff come from the same cultural background and can freely ask questions and express their ideas.  The services provided by the AACC are so essential to the clients they serve and are to be commended for the work they are doing to ease the integration of refugees into the greater community.   


Taddese Fessehaye, Community Liaison Manager

Refugee Services Program - Florida Department of Children and Families