AACC Florida

President’s Message

I am delighted and honored by the trust and faith you bestowed on me when you selected me as the incoming President of the Arab American Community Center. Given the opportunities and challenges that come with this position, I know that this journey would not be a smooth one if I were to walk it alone. I thank our leaders who established the AACC and defined the board roles that recognize the importance of all board members, including the Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Executive Director. Working together we will make sure that our MISSION to serve everyone, regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, sex or political view, will be achieved.

Let me take this opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous and admirable initiatives that were undertaken by the previous group of leaders and board members. Indeed you are an inspiration, a challenge, and a model for us as we continue doing the great works that you began.

To our community members who also belong to other associations, we want to say that in this journey, we cannot make it alone. With your support, appraisal and  encouragement we can achieve great things together.

Thank you all, God bless you, God bless Orlando, God Bless America.

-Mahmoud ElAwadi