AACC Florida

Amal Laassel, ESQ
First VP & Chair of Fundraiser Committee

Personal Injury and Immigration Law. Amal Laassel focuses
her practice in the areas of Personal Injury and Immigration
Amal hails from Marrakesh, Morocco, where she lived until
her teenage years. As a young girl, she remembers her
father regularly discussing politics and international affairs
at home. These were constant topics of conversation which
set the stage for the development of her interest in politics
and the law, and fueled her desire to study abroad.
At 16, Amal moved to the United States as part of an
international student exchange program. Amal first moved
to El Paso, TX, where she lived with an American host
family until she graduated from high school.
After high school, Amal relocated to Central Florida to
attend UCF, earning her B.A. in Political Science in 2004.
While attending UCF, Amal had the opportunity to intern at
the Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association.
It was during this time that she realized how many people
were denied access to the legal system solely because 
a lack of funds. It seemed unjust. The playing field was  
level. It was this experience that reinforced Amal’s existing
desire to attend law school.leo.