AACC Florida

Dr. Mudhafar Amin

I was born in Mosul, Iraq on March 22, 1943. I lived in Baghdad until 1962 when I came to the US to study. I earned a BA from Marquette University and a Master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in Political Science in 1971. I went back to Iraq where I taught at the University of Mosul, from 1971-1976. I studied at the University of Durham, UK, where I earned my Ph.D in modern Iraqi history in 1980.

I went back to Iraq where I taught at the Al-Mustansiriya University Graduate school from 1980- 1984. I was transferred to the Foreign Ministry and worked at the Iraqi Mission to the UN – New York from 1984-1988. At the Iraqi Embassy in Bonn from 1988-1992. At the FM in Baghdad from 1993- 1998. Worked at the Embassy in Brussels to 1999 and then Ambassador to The UK until March 2003. I asked to retire after the war. I lived and worked in Amman, Jordan until 2013 when I moved to Tampa, Florida.

I authored many books and wrote many articles about modern Iraqi history.